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This work from my production line was inspired by my home neighborhood of Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. I often walk with my dogs and husband through the beautiful gardens and woods in our area. Much like my other work, I appreciate the macro and the micro - bold blocks of colors, interacting textures, individual leaves, little mushrooms, and slime molds. I am often seen with binoculars in one hand and a loupe in the other.

40° 2'34.54"N   75°11'14.19"W

This work walks the boundary between confrontation and concord across multiple themes: two and three dimensions, rural and urban, line and shape, natural and industrial, wearable jewelry and art. Using map imagery to explore the contrasts and correspondences of these themes, delicate silver forms containing miniature map drawings layered in resin are created. These painted layers are colorful gems, with masses of line and shape that harken back to the topographic and road maps they were derived from. Like maps, inspiration is drawn from crystalline structures and their ability to preserve what is in and reflect what is around them. The maps we use today relate by preserving the history of the places they record while reflecting the maker’s intention and the user’s need. Like jewelry, maps are intimately entwined with their maker and user. 


This work from my production line centers on water as an intimate connection to place. Everyday, wearable jewelry referencing lakes, rivers, and coastlines reminds the wearer of connection, no matter where they may be. The line is also a narrative. Each ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet has a different story connected to the experiences of each individual wearer, making them reproducible, yet remarkably unique.

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